Since talking to the counsellor I can hug my mum more.

Sophie, aged 9

Talking things through with the counsellor made such a difference and took so much pressure off me.

Paul, aged 15

She understood how I was feeling and didn’t hassle me or tell me what to do. It helped decide what I needed to do next.

Amy, aged 14

I felt happy after playing in the sand and my teacher said I was nice and calm.

Ben, aged 6

The Valley Trust Service is hugely valued in our school by children, teachers and parents.

Head Teacher

Having a counsellor in school working alongside us is working extremely well for all of us.

SENCO and Link Person

The Valley Trust counsellor is a wonderful and valued service and a very positive addition to our school

Head Teacher

Counselling is like gold dust in my school.

Head Teacher

Seeing the school counsellor has made such a difference in my family. It has taken a weight off our shoulders knowing what is going on for Zoe and how we can now help.

Mother of 8 year-old Zoe

It was hard to know Adam wanted to talk with someone else but it has made such a difference to him. And we no longer have battles getting him to school each day since the counsellor and school have sorted out the bullying.

Mother of 11 year-old Adam

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