How We Work

Working with Children and Young People in schools

The Valley Trust has now been in existence for over twenty-five years and its purpose and focus have been evolving over time. We work tirelessly to ensure we accommodate the changing nature of the needs arising, advances in counselling methods and, of necessity, current market forces, which dictate the balance between schools’ needs and what they find affordable.

The Valley Trust Core Framework

This sets out our core service. It clearly outlines what is offered by our counsellors in schools and what is received by children and young people involved.

The Initial Assessment Period

The Counselling Sessions

Final Assessment and Evaluation

Annual Review

An Annual Review is undertaken with every school we serve. This meeting is attended by the school head, the link member of school staff, the counsellor(s) and a trustee.

We continually receive positive feedback from schools. Head teachers say that our counselling services are “hugely valued”, “working very well”, “a wonderful service”, and “a very positive addition to our school”.

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